Train Facilities

Some of the distinctive services of Bonrail are:

On our trains you may choose getting your meal served into the compartment or restaurant car. Menu with a wider choice of delicious Persian meals are available to make your trip more enjoyable. On every long distance train there is an attendant for every coach to bring tea, coffee, and snacks and a numerous crew such as conductors, restaurant staff, cleaning personnel, technicians taking care of any passenger needs and assuring a pleasant and joyful journey.

Bonrail hosts the passengers of its trains at the main stations of the country, e.g. Tehran and Mashhad, with special services such as passenger transportation and special reception,

During the travel by Bonrail trains we provide some entertainment for the passengers such as Wi-Fi system and library in restaurant, newspaper, playing movies in compartment, and playing music in restaurant.

Tehran - Mashhad and Vice versa
Tehran - Mashhad and vice versa
Tehran - Mashhad and vice versa
Zanjan-Qazvin-Mashhad and vice versa
Parsi (4 seates)
Qom - Mashhad and vice versa
Parsi (6 seats)
Malayer - Araak - Mashhad and vice versa
Kerman - Mashhad and vice versa
Tehran - Kerman and vice versa
Tehran - BandarAbass and vice versa
Mashhad - Tabas and vice versa