R & D

From the perspective of Bonrail company, studying and researching in various fields related to the field of activity is very important. also identifying shortcomings and problems and trying to provide a solution to improve performance, optimization, development and upgrade of the system is very important too. this company is always trying to take steps to collaborate with powerful internal and external company. Some topics in this area are as follows:

  • Applied and developmental studies and research on the application of wagon repair and maintenance management systems;
  • Collaboration research with research institutes, higher education institutions, governmental and non-governmental institutions, in order to enhance the level of rail transportation knowledge of the country;
  • Research to introduce new rail transportation technologies and their localization in the country;
  • preparation of guidelines, standards for railroad transportation services;
  • Researches and study of the rail market of Iran and the world in order to identify possible potential and forecast rail demand;
  • Applied study and research on the development of processes and procedures for information circulation, strategic planning and risk management of the railway transport sector;
  • Conducting research activities based on the technical ability of the country;
  • Optimization and economic analysis of investment projects in the rail transport sector;
  • Applied and developmental research and application on the application of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in rail transport;